Future plans

St. Bede’s is a school with a rich history and we are rightly proud of our traditions. Though we are not a school to rest on our laurels, pioneering educational developments such as our Basic Skills Programme and more recently the introduction of coursework to our continual assessment scheme.

We aim to provide our pupils with a rich and rewarding education that is relevant both to their future prospects and to those of the wider world that they go on to serve. We are justly proud of our pastoral care and educational record, where all our pupils gain entry to the schools of their choice.

We have devised a 4 year development plan, this plan will come to its completion in 2020. The main aim of the plan is to take advantage of our educational innovation and develop our facilities to rival that of most senior schools in the area. St. Bede’s is not a charitable organisation and does not have a large endowment; fee income is rightly applied to educating and nurturing the children of today. We rely on generous support to help us extend opportunities through bursary funding or to carry out vital developments which will keep us ahead of our competitors.

Curriculum Aspirations

“Job titles that do not exist now, such as a “vertical farmer” or a “body part maker”, could be mainstream professions, in much the same way that social media consultants have emerged in the past five years.”

10 well paid jobs of the future – Daily Telegraph Feb 2013

Creativity Centre

We are proposing to build a dual purpose Art and Design Technology Centre, which will be located adjacent to the drama studio, combining all our creative elements into one space. The new building will house both our Art department and enable the creation of a new Design Technology centre. Much of the equipment for this new facility has been purchased already and the children are getting to grips with things already.

We are currently in a planning consultation phase and obtaining estimates for the building project. We intend, should things go according to plan, to open the creativity centre during this school year.

This project has been devised to meet the needs of our current curriculum as well as those of future aspirations. St. Bede’s aims to equip our pupils with transferable skills, enabling them to adapt and thrive whatever the future holds.

The development of our Science and Technology facilities will enable our pupils to experience the academic rigours of scientific fundamentals through to their application and from testing / design to finished manufacturing output. Making use of ICT enables our pupils to acquire the skills, confidence and expertise to thrive in a world where jobs are evolving quickly.

Every major facility from which pupils benefit today, such as our current Art and Design Block and the swimming pool have only been made possible through philanthropy and the tireless fundraising activities of the Bishton Association, to whom we all owe a huge debt of thanks.

It is our hope that today’s parents and Bishtonians will leave a similar legacy for future generations, a legacy which should see works completed by September 2020 in time to benefit current junior pupils. We greatly hope that the whole Bishton community will lend its support to this forward-looking campaign.

For further information or to find out how you can help, please contact the headmaster.