The staff too, some of whom have been here for over 25 years, are here because they share our values and commitment to looking after our pupils, rather than merely teaching them. Each member of staff from the Headmaster to the cleaning staff shares a desire to make the school a happy and supportive atmosphere for children to grow.

The children are divided into four houses, with a member of staff serving as their head of house. Regular house meetings and inter-house events ensures a close bond between the staff and their pupils. Our system of house points rewards pupils for their academic, sporting and social endeavours.

We expect high standards of behaviour from our children, bullying of any kind is not tolerated. Our Anti-Bullying committee, school prefects, heads of houses, teaching and domestic staff are vigilant and approachable, ensuring that children can feel confident in sharing their concerns with any number of people.

Our PSHE and General Studies programmes promote our core values and enable our pupils to explore a range of issues in a supportive and sympathetic context.

Pupils enjoy healthy meals, prepared on site. The school eats together, with a member of staff on each table. This ensures each child eats properly, with good table manners and further strengthens the bond between the pupils and teachers.