International Students

Saint Bede’s has a rich tradition in international pupils. We are delighted to welcome pupils from all over the world. We have Tier 4 status which allows us to welcome pupils from outside the EU as well.

We have always had a strong Spanish connection, families over and again choose us to teach English to generations of their family.

Spanish families are welcomed to the school by our agent, BUS idiomas in Spain who we have worked with for over 30 years. They have a wealth of experience and are as committed as we are to ensuring each child receives the care so important to their families and the school.

The school operates a total immersion policy, for over 9 hours every day pupils are taught in English, with other English pupils. This is so successful that within weeks of their arrival, even the weakest child is almost fluent.

Regular trips and outings and plenty of fun activities ensure that children are not homesick and enjoy the experience, quickly realising that the advantages Saint Bede’s offers them does not merely extend to learning English, but also to their development as confident and caring individuals.

We have other agents working in a variety of countries, please contact the school to receive information for an agent in your area.