Reports are issued at various times throughout the year. At half term parents receive a brief report on their child’s progress, this takes the form of effort, achievement and presentation grades.

At the end of the Christmas and Summer terms, parents are provided with full written reports for each of their child’s subjects. At the end of the Easter term, parents are given target reports, setting realistic and achievable targets for their child for the remainder of the school year.


Children at Saint Bede’s are assessed continually, either through preps or in class or in the more traditional format of Tests and Exams. We also assess the children’s grasp of basic skills in literacy and numeracy at various points throughout the year. Every Easter term all children are required to submit, as part of their assessment mark for the term, a piece of coursework. This, in line with expectations in most senior schools, has a deadline and strict guidelines issued by the staff. The topics are chosen carefully to augment the children’s lessons and to promote independent learning.