St Bede’s Uniform

The school’s uniform suppliers, Bluprint in Rugeley carry most of our uniform, please contact them directly on: 01889 800644

All Children



Black Shoes

*Scarlet coat or wax jacket

Black or green wellingtons

*Scarlet track suit

*3/4 length scarlet games socks

White t-shirt

White trainers

Gum shield and shin pads

*School blazer

*White shirt

*Grey shirt

*Scarlet tie

*Scarlet v-neck logo jersey

*Grey terylene trousers / shorts

Grey socks

*Reversible rugby shirt

*Cotton rugby shorts

Swimming trunks

Rugby boots

*Grey skirt

*Scarlet logo cardigan

*Red / white check dress (Summer)

*Scarlet socks / tights

White ankle socks (Summer)

*White / scarlet aertex shirt

*Blue skort

Swimming costume (1 piece)

Scarlet ribbon

Please ensure all items are marked clearly with name and linen number – tags or permanent marker

All children require clearly marked towels with a hanging loop half-way down the long side

St Bede’s Equipment

Pencil case with hb pencils, coloured pencils, felt-tip pens, sharpener, rubber and 15cm ruler

Form I upwards Good News Bible / basic calculator
Form II upwards Handwriting pens, or roller balls or fountain pen (blue ink only)
Form III upwards Phillip’s School Atlas / Oxford Dictionary / Oxford Thesaurus
Form IV upwards Red pen, protractor, compass and 30cm ruler
Form V upwards Scientific calculator

The use of mechanical pencils is recommended for Form IV upwards for precision and presentation.