St. Bede’s participated in the 2018 ISA Midlands Cross Country Event at Bedstone College.

Emmeline triumphant in the mud

The day was an exciting experience for everyone, with excellent running by all. The courses the children had to follow took them through streams and some very muddy terrain.

In each race there were between 150-200 runners.

The boys had an exciting race. They ran 1800m. Both Rodrigo and Alex lost a shoe on the way round. Alex managed to pick his up and hold it as he ran, but Rodrigo lost his completely. He was only reunited with his shoe when a marshal handed it to him at the end of the race.

All of the boys did extremely well and their results are:

Myles 24th
Isaak 26th
Rodrigo 91st
Daniel 92nd
Sam 101st
Ramon 103rd
Alex 119th
Juan 121st


Cross country is notoriously challenging, the children ran not only over a course they had never seen before, but also through streams and over muddy tracks. We are delighted that they did so well and particularly thrilled for Emmeline who won her race.

WELL DONE to all of the runners who took part!

What an amazingly muddy day!!

Emmeline ran a fantastic race, getting a good start, making her way to the front of the group, where she stayed for the whole race. Approaching the end of the race it was between her and another runner battling it out for 1st and 2nd place. There was quite a distance between them and 3rd place. Along the home straight Emmeline started to pull away from the other runner and won her race in fantastic style!