ISA National Swimming Championships

On Sunday 21st January, Emmeline Grace from UV competed at the I.S.A National Swimming Championships, which were held at the Olympic Pool in London.

To qualify for this event schools who are members of I.S.A took part in a regional competition to select swimmers to represent them at the Nationals. The regions include:
East Anglia (EA)
North (N)
Midlands (M)
London North (LN)
London South (LS)
London West (LW)
South West (SW)

Emmeline qualified in the Year 8 Girls Breaststroke, and because of her achieving the quickest breaststroke time in her age group, she was also selected to do the breaststroke leg in the Year 8 Girls Midlands Medley Relay Team.
At the last minute, there was a withdrawal from the Year 8 Girls Freestyle Relay team, which she was then called up for.

On the day, the atmosphere was amazing. All of the races were exciting to watch, with some resulting in 10ths of a second to split the competitors.

Emmeline was absolutely brilliant on the day, winning ALL of her events, and breaking the record in both relays!!



Year 8 girls 50m Breaststroke

1 Emmeline Grace Midlands 36.77
2 North                                       37.71
3 London South                        39.18
4 London West                          39.78
5 East Anglia                             43.35
6 South West                             48.39
7 London North                         50.68

Year 8 girls 200m Medley Relay

1 Midlands 2:15.48 NEW RECORD
2 London West 2:21.64
3 London South 2:22.29
4 North 2:23.39
5 East Anglia 2:42.84
6 South West 2:52.03
7 London North DNS

Year 8 girls 200m Freestyle Relay

1 Midlands 2:02.83 NEW RECORD
2 London West 2:05.79
3 London South 2:07.72
4 North 2:13.80
5 East Anglia 2:26.38
6 South West 2:34.23
7 London North DNS